family photo 2017 November

family photo 2017 November

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

5 Months

And here he is: Our HANDSOME 5 month old little boy!!
He turned 5 months on Thanksgiving!

This is pretty much how our photo shoot went! HA!

He created this really awesome drool/bubble beard!

And then looked at me like, "what mom?"

"I love life, pick me up mom!"

Ethan, and dad, could be entertained by Ethan's feet all day long!

Very flexible at 5 months!

Hangin' out on my lap! Again with the feet! Awesome!

Oh yes, and we cannot forget his sweet Christmas socks!

We traveled to see Steve's Grandma in Illinois, Steve and Ethan took a GOOD nap together!
Ethan is so funny!

On Thanksgiving day Ethan wore his Lions sweatshirt from his Uncle Gabe. The Lions played on Thanksgiving day!

On Thanksgiving weekend, Steve and I put up Christmas lights outside our house, pictures to come, and raked leaves, for the 2nd time. We have so many leaves in our front yard but NO TREES. Weird!

Ethan in his super awesome Cabela's outfit from Grandma and Grandpa Chamberlin!
So warm and cute! He LOVED it!
Oh yes, and he always seem to stretch out as much as he can! HA!

Cute little open mouth face!

This was Ethan relaxing with us next to the dinner table while Steve and I ate, and took pictures of him! =)
So stinkin' cute!

This is what I get to wake up to every morning:
I turn a lamp on and Ethan squints his eyes!

Then he smiles really big, like 'YES! It's morning again! A NEW DAY!'

Then, the flailing of arms begins and the excited screaming!!!

And here is Ethan just being Ethan, cute and gentle!
 He also sucks his thumbs sometimes too!
We love him and are so thankful he was here with us this Thanksgiving!
Praise God!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Getting taller, faces, football, and family!

Steve dressed Ethan the other day, and when I saw him, this is what his pants looked like:
Getting soooo tall!
Good job Ethan!

Just another cute face!

Cute Pajamas! He looks so concerned!

Staring at the camera!

I love him so much! He is soooo cute!

Uncle Gabe gave Ethan his first sports team sweatshirt!
Go Lions!
There is a family fued on my side of the family between a Packers fan and a Lions fan-my bro!
The Lions seem to be the first to influence Ethan!
Sorry Aunt Melody!
Pretty sure he will NEVER wear Packers stuff!

Ethan and I traveled to eastern IA for a few days for a sisters, daughters, daughter-in law weekend!
It was fun! Filled with shopping in little shops, the Amanas, Tanger Outlet, eating a lot of good food, and playing games!
Unfortunately, Ethan was exposed to the Shingles, the adult form of the chicken pox! But, prayerfully, he will NOT GET THE CHICKEN POX just yet!
My mom has 4 sisters and they all have one daughter. 3 of her sisters are in the picture, along with her 3 sister-in-laws!
She has 7 siblings!
Poor Ethan, pretty sure this will be his only girls weekend!

Ethan and I during the weekend! He was sooooo good! Praise God!
We sure missed his daddy though!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Family Life at 4 Months!

October was Steve's BIRTHDAY MONTH! 26! 
Happy Birthday Steve! I love you so much!
I am so thankful for you Steve!
Here are the top 26 things that come to mind when I think of Steve:
A mand after God's own heart!
lover of God's truth
so kind
hard working
not proud or rude
we never fight! Thank you Steve!
handsome handsome handsome
a sweet sweet man!
a good father
he dances with me in the kitchen
he sings to me-making up most of the songs on the spot
to buys me sweet gifts he knows I will enjoy
he is a good friend to people
he loves my family
he is always joyful!
I don't think I have ever seen him be angry or grumble and complain. This is such a blessing!
Thank you Steve!
B )

October also brought FAMILY PHOTO DAY!
We had a lot of fun on Ethan's first photo shoot! It was a bit windy and cool outside, and, being the good mom I am *), I forgot my bald baby's hat! Sorry Ethan!

Family Photo #1
Ethan 4 Months old
25 3/4 inches long
13 lbs and 10 oz
Yay Ethan! Way to grow!

Handsome little guy!

Pretty sure this is because we forgot his hat! He's really cute though!
 My sweater was his make-shift hat!

We are all very concerned about the cool weather!This is Ethan's thinking pose! 

Cutie pants cutie pants!!!!!

Poor Ethan!

My most wonderful husband and I doing some things we love:
being outside, drinking coffee, and embracing!

This is what Ethan thought of playing in the leaves in our front yard! Maybe next year!

Hanging out in the morning with Mom and Dad!

Cute little boy just being content on the couch!
Pretty sure this is a 6-9 months outfit! Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Chamberlin!

Ethan has started sucking on his lower lip!
Do they sell baby chapstick?

FIRST Halloween! A bit frightening!

We have taken several wonderful 'fall' car-rides as a family!
Ethan was so precious during this one! I hopped in the back seat because I LOVE to look at him!
So glad I did!

I really like this face! Precious!

Dad and Ethan playing!!!

Ethan is such a joy to his daddy!

Me and my wonderful wonderful baby boy!!!
Thank you Lord for my family!