family photo 2017 November

family photo 2017 November

Sunday, September 20, 2015

A life full of Grace!

I am so thankful for our children. They are gifts, and that straight from God. 
Grace is 4 months old now believe it or not!
She is smiling and grabbing things, rolling over and laughing a lot, at Ethan. No one can make her laugh like him!

OK, maybe Sam can make her laugh a lot too! They all love each other so much!

The three kids hanging out sporting their Seattle Seahawks gear from our family there! I guess we're Seahawks fans now!

We spent a few weeks going over to our neighbors house and letting their dog out to potty and play! The kids really enjoyed that. However, I do not see a dog in our near future.

The three kids and I, well me, worked up our courage and braved Living History Farms! It was the perfect start to our home school year with Ethan! It went great, was sooo much fun, and work, and I'd love to go back! 

A tractor ride; because Living History Farms is on several acres!

A bridge while we were 'hiking' through Living History Farms.

And an amazing old barn loft to jump out of and onto hay! Reminds me of my childhood!

Sam didn't jump, but did climb the ladder.

A picnic lunch after our fun morning adventure! It was a windy day but beautiful.

We made it back to the van after 3 hours! Tired but smiling!

Photo shoot!

Ethan took this one of us! Not bad Ethan!

We ALL helped a friend move into a new apartment and everyone helped, except Grace. My moto, "if they can walk, they can help." Ethan carried some light boxes and things and Sam, well, some light shades! Ha!

Ethan and Daddy went on a VERY long hike! I won't say anything more! ;)

Sam smashed his fingernail in a door, it got infected 8 days later, and he went to the ER for if to be drained and put on antibiotics. I DID NOT go with! But I sent a sucker! Poor kid, they had to wrap his arms and legs down in the sheet to drain the infection. Awake, and no numbing medicine!! Yikes! THAT is why I didn't go with Steve and Sam! A mother cannot bear those things if Dad is around to handle that kind of stuff! 

Sam looks so cool, calm and collected here! It's the sucker!!

I'm beginning to become convinced that having suckers around at all times can be like a miracle!

This is probably Sam's next injury!

They sit and read too....  :)

Photo shoot during Sam's nap time!

Dad's photo shoot of beautiful Grace!
 How sweet she is!!

I have been thinking about how in whatever season or situation of life God has us in, since HE has us there, he has grace to meet us there too!

"I thank Christ Jesus our Lord, who has give me strength to do HIS work. He considered me trustworthy and appointed me to serve him." 1 Timothy 1:12 
(As a mother.)