family photo 2017 November

family photo 2017 November

Monday, April 29, 2013

Some things I want to remember...

Time is sure going fast, and I cannot believe it's been three  weeks since I last posted here.
Ethan is growing and changing so much and I always have things I want to remember about him, but am forgetting to post here so I do remember. 
Hopefully I can record some of them today.

Whenever we go outside, Ethan wants to sit in our cars and/or drive our cars!
Here he is with Steve in the car and his cool sunglasses.

Smiling with Dad on a warm day!

Ethan's funny static hair, you can sort of see it here, but his hair is so fine.

We are sure enjoying our sidewalk chalk, pretty much every day!
Ethan drawing. He loves to draw circles the best!

Here is Ethan figuring out how to put his shoes on.
He walked into the kitchen yesterday with one shoe on to show me.
He put it on all my himself and I was so proud of him!
New things every day!

 Some of our drawings!
I tried to draw a soccer ball, which turned out very poorly- I didn't get it in the picture.
I showed Ethan my poorly drawn soccer ball and he said, "noooo" and smiled.
I never was an artist.


I did get him to look at me once, with the sun in his eyes!
We sure have a lot of fun!!!

Other things to remember:
-Ethan plays guitar and sings, "my soul, my soul, come on come on." "holy holy, holy holy are you."
All of this is so precious to me. He's actually singing "holy" over and over again right now!

-He says, "die Cross." I say, "who died on the cross?" Ethan says, "Jesus." He has been sitting in the backseat of the car just talking about the cross and Jesus; again, precious to my soul.
-He loves to brush his teeth, and asks for this---yay!

-We took away his pacifier one week ago. He will ask for it and we say, "what happened to it?" Ethan will say with a grin, "I cut it." We ask, "with what?" Ethan: "scissors," and a grin on his face.
He sleeps on a real pillow now in his crib (we are moving him to a toddler bed in a few weeks), and he thinks his pillow is awesome, like his daddy's pillow!

-Every night when we lay him in bed he asks for "bible?" Then we read to him and he asks, "pray?" So we pray. Sometimes when I am holding him he says, "sing song. Mama sing please." I just love this sweet little boy!!!!

-When we are outside, he will freeze, point to his ear and say/whisper "listen!" with wide eyes. Then he usually says, "airplane!" It's really cute!

-He pretty much likes to run everywhere, and when we hold his hand he will say, "fast fast fast," and we will all run.

-He is soooo loud in the stores. He has a loud talking voice a lot of the time. I'm sure this is because he will be really good at singing. In a store someone said to me, "at least you'll never lose him." "yes," I thought to myself.

-Ethan is always lifting up my shirt or skirts because he wants to "see baby." Then he hugs the baby, my belly gets more hugs than I do, kisses it sometimes, and then grabs my tummy, looks at me and says with a grin "out, out please," as though he wants to play with the baby already. He tries to share his toys with the baby and teach the baby what things are, like a basketball. We do call the baby by name and so does Ethan. We can hardly wait for our next little boy to arrive!!!!!

-Ethan also really likes to look at our baby book and see pictures of babies, and balls!

It's been so fun to see Ethan grow so fast right now and learn so much. He repeats so many things we say and is growing into a little man. We love him so very very much and he brings us such joy and delight.
A thought to ponder as Ethan repeats everything we say:

Psalm 141:3
"Set a guard over my mouth, LORD; keep watch over the door of my lips."

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Baby BROTHER coming soon!

We are 22 weeks pregnant now and joyfully found out a couple of weeks ago that Ethan is going to have a BROTHER!!!
I am so so thrilled for Ethan to have a brother and to raise "Bjurstrom Boys."
We praise God for another healthy growing baby!
We celebrated a bit with our community group of friends! (blue rice krispie bars and all)

As winter is coming to a close, Ethan has enjoyed the last few cold days outside playing,
but mostly coming inside from the cold and having a 'special drink,'.....
hot chocolate with marshmallows!

He's really good at using cups, and even mugs!
He must see us drink a lot of coffee!
A little sip to start...checking for the temperature...

ok to guzzle!!!

Steve brought me home some of my favorite favorite flowers, Gerber daisies!
I love Ethan's cute little head poking in the picture!

A new game we play is "tall mama," with silverware on our heads. Then Ethan says, "eat," and we proceed with eating! Silly boy!

And here is cute Ethan with baby Jade, whom we watch during the week.
I matched them this day! HA!
Ethan is all prepared to be a BIG BROTHER!!!
Such a cute cute little boy!

Psalm 112:1-2
"How blessed is the man who fears the Lord, who greatly delights in His commandments. His descendants will be mighty on earth; the generation of the upright will be blessed."