family photo 2017 November

family photo 2017 November

Sunday, April 29, 2012

10 Months!!!

Ethan! You are 10 months old and soooo wonderful!

Dad picked out some awesome Space Robot pajamas for Ethan!
He really liked them!

We played in his pajamas all night!

Ethan really likes to squat these days!

Another pair of really fun pajamas! Shark/pirate pajamas!

Playing on Dad! Ethan's favorite thing!

 Bath time; my favorite thing!

 Ethan in Steve's guitar case! Silly boy!


Ethan has been working on his basketball shot!
Pretty good little man, nice follow through!

Just happy!

Oh yes, and Ethan has a new ride too!

His sad face is still cute too!

One more picture of the awesome pajamas!
We love you so much Ethan!

Ethan is officially crawling now!! He started a few days ago; wobbly at first, and slow, but he is getting faster every day. He is walking alongside the coffee table, and pulling himself up on everything!
Time to reorganize the house!
Ethan, you are so much fun!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Fun Times!

Every month seems to go faster and faster and Ethan is almost 10 months old now!
He has been enjoying growing up...
and wearing his dad's sun glasses!
Again, watch out lady babies, he is one handsome Bjurstrom!

Still spending time thinking!

I think he thought the glasses were going to attack him!

Ethan trying to sneak behind the curtains!

 Caught red-handed!
Yes, Ethan, I am ALWAYS watching you!

Some bath time fun!

It might be more fun for Steve and I than Ethan...

He really does like us spraying him with his squirt toys!

Pajama-time fun!

Learning to crawl...

"Is this how you do it?..."

No Ethan, but you are wonderful anyway!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

All In One Week...

Well, Ethan had a pretty monumental week after he turned 9 months old.
The doctor told him he can eat pretty much whatever he wants, even meat and even though he doesn't have teeth; weird! Obviously not steak! Sorry Ethan!
But, Ethan also did many new things for the first time last week, like:
Sitting up in his crib.

Then, he tried to break free!

Then stood up in his crib a couple of days later!
"Hi Mom!"

Then again, tried to break free.
"I bet I can eat my way through this!"

 Ethan is now an expert at clapping! We don't even have to show him, we just say 'clap' and he claps!
Babies are far smarter than you think, he understands basic commands!

And, he has an awesome new 'blowing lips face!"

For the full effect:

We are trying to teach him to crawl. Nothing yet!
He does, however, rock on all 4's and clap for ME when I crawl around trying to SHOW him how to crawl. Silly boy!
P.S. my knees are bruised and really sore!

I celebrated my 27th Birthday (thank you Steve for everything;especially a wonderful day), and Ethan ate his first birthday cake;
then bounced off the walls

Steve is teaching Ethan how to whistle with grass!
Again, Ethan is learning by example first!

Dad reading to Ethan on our patio.

Relaxing with Dad!

Cute close up!!!!!

Oh yes, and I have, on multiple occasions, caught Ethan red-handed trying to put a couple dozen cheerios in his mouth! Red-handed buddy!

Another Ethan and Dad reading moment!
Camouflage buddies!

"Hi everyone!"

Father and Son having fun!!

And, we'll just end with this!