family photo 2017 November

family photo 2017 November

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Fall Update before Winter

Every time I post, which isn't as often as I'd like, I think to myself it's crazy how fast time is passing.
These pictures are from September to now (Mid November already).

The boys and I snuggling on the couch one morning.

playing outside in the beautiful leaves.
We enjoy the seasons very much! All of them!

Ethan enjoying helping his Father outside.

Ethan just kept following Steve around the yard with his little mower.

We spent one Saturday morning at a local fire station looking at the trucks, station, and equipment.
This is Ethan and Steve in an ambulance.

Ethan in a cute fireman hat!
Right now he is enjoying his half-english half-spanish fireman, bomberos, book.

In a cute camo hat

Here is Ethan in a super cute monkey costume. He has really enjoyed curious George lately so this was a perfect costume for him.

We walked around the neighborhood to show our neighbors how cure Ethan was.
This is his monkey walk.

Again, the monkey walk

A monkey with a flashlight

Dad and Sam snuggle time

Such a handsome young lad

And Ethan is almost 2 1/2, in December.

Steve made a car for Ethan and Sam from a box we had laying around the house. It was pretty neat!

The boys' first car ride

Ethan has such a fun smile!

Reading in the car!


Samuel in Ethan's jacket

Cute faces by Sam.....

The jacket is a little large!

Another fun-filled year at Center Grove Orchard; a seasonal yearly tradition!
I imagine every year will only get more and more fun!

Oh how we love our Samuel so very much. He is such a sweet spirit in our home.
He is so handsome and is growing so fast too.
I do not remember Ethan growing as fast as Samuel seems to be.

Another one of many mornings all snuggling on the couch!

Ethan always wants to snuggle with Sam. I hope they will be best buddies throughout life.

Ethan on his tricycle.

And all this brings us to today....pajama day with Dad at home all week!!!

We just love these boys and this face of Samuel's is so very cute!!

Proverbs 23:26
"Give me your heart, my son(s), and let your eyes delight in my ways."