family photo 2017 November

family photo 2017 November

Friday, September 2, 2016

3 months gone by....summer!

We have been having so much fun this summer, staying busy with good things, and time has just flown by. Thankfully I managed to take some photos!

Happy Birthday Ethan!
5 years old June 24th
Ethan is a kind boy who is smart, loves to read (not on his own yet) and wants to be an engineer when he grows up.
He sings his own songs about Jesus nearly every Sunday on the way to church, making up his own words which are Bible verses or stories we've read or wisdom we've talked about...his heart is definitely stirring for God. We just love the bedtime conversations we have with Ethan, and all of his questions!
He gets more goofy all the time!

Some trails for a family hike!

The boys!

My 5 year old and me!

The backyard pool has been a hit!

Birthday love from Mom!

And Dad!

Just rockin' her fashion!

B-eautiful girl!

Visit with cousins and grandparents!

Several zoo trips with family or friends!
We met THEE real Curious George!

Again with her style! Cute funny baby!

Sam is strong! Getting stronger every day!

Trying to climb in July!
We had park dates with church friends nearly every Tuesday this summer! What fun!

Dad getting a pump in with the kids in the pool!

Funny Sam, cheeks filled with cherry tomatoes!

Sweet Sam playing with Gracie!

Happy Birthday Sammy!
3 years old August 6th

I just love love love my Sammy! He is sooo sweet, loves to snuggle, is a lover, and hugger, and smiler, and he frequently tells me, "I'll stop growing for you Mom."
He likes me to rub/tickle his back, and loves to snuggles in bed at night while we say our "thank you God for..." He has the dearest smile and I just want to keep him little forever!!!!
And he is really tough, he falls and gets hurt but barely cries, he has a can do attitude! So great!

We spent his birthday camping with family.

A watch, "like Ethan got for hims birthday."

Camp fire love!

A walk with Grandpa...Ethan and Sam are on the left, and my niece and nephew are on the right.

My bro Gabe getting snuggles with the baby!

Grace enjoying her big chair!

Everyone helping unload the van to tent, and sleeping bag camp for 4 days! 
It was so fun!

Always fun back home too!
Oh Ethan, you're awesome!

Can I post this? Lol

Oh my! Overalls!

We bought bike gear and a carriage thingy!
The kids love it. Ethan rides his bike with training wheels and we've a gone on a 9 mile  ride with everyone twice... stopping for ice cream of course!

Just a beauty! "Morning beautiful" as my husband says to me all the time!

Goofy morning kid!

Slow waking and sweet!

Love my Sam!

What's summer without an ice cream cone!? And wagon ride!

Sunday morning church to worship God in the face of Christ!

My handsome boys!

Stop and rest on a bike ride!


The zoo!

And what's Steve been up to you ask?....

We found a baby snapping turtle on the trail on one of our rides...we returned it to a pond nearby!

He's looking at you!

Grace can run now! And chase her brothers!
She started walking at about 14 months!
I just love when they walk! It's so fun!

Here she comes!

Close up!

My future athlete!

Sweet boy Ethan!
About to begin kindergarten!

Always love a diaper baby!

Cousin love at the Great Grandparents!

So much more has happened this summer but I dont have enough time to tell it all adequately.
God has opened up lots of doors to love, serve, encourage, and share the gospel with family, kids now grown after coaching them in soccer years ago, neighbors, church family, more friends, and acquaintances! It's been so great to see God work and to walk into the good works He has prepared for us. EPHESIANS 2:10
It truly has been an awesome summer all around and we are thankful to God and will keep pressing hard into and after Him! 

John 6:68
"Simon Peter answered him, 'Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life."