family photo 2017 November

family photo 2017 November

Sunday, July 15, 2012

One and loving it!

Ethan is really enjoying being big now, now that he is ONE!
We upgraded to a new car seat shortly after his first birthday!
He is forward facing now!

He is so sweet, Ethan will sit in his seat and read a book!
I think he is reading to his monkey friend!
He is really good at making monkey sounds too!

Ethan plays in the church nursery with a friend while Steve and I practice for worship on Sundays;
and he peeks under the door when he hears our voices!
Silly boy!
He wants to be in the band too!

Ethan also likes to scare people. He puts his hands over his eyes, and then looks like this!
He brings us so much joy!
He is a lot of fun to play with!

Ethan at the pool!
Our baby boy is such a water baby! He loves getting wet, splashing, and putting his face in the water.
People at the pool were telling us how our baby is so cute and has such a nice smile!
It's true!

Oh yes, and here is Ethan on the 4th of July.
He is indeed one handsome, growing boy!

Proverbs 14:1
"A wise woman builds her home, but a foolish woman tears it down with her own hands."
Seeking to build, build, build;
on the foundation of Jesus Christ!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

1st Birthday Party!!!

June 24, 2012
Ethan's first Birthday party was so much fun!
It was a wonderful time to celebrate God blessing us with Ethan and his first year of life!
Ethan had a lot of fun too...

eating lunch,

playing with dad,

 playing outside with the puppy,

swimming in our pool,

bear crawling in the grass,

enjoying 4 generations,

enjoying my side of the family,

enjoying Steve's side of the family,

and eating birthday cake!

Ethan wasn't quite sure what we were all doing standing around him, singing, and wearing hats!

We actually scared him!

Once he got over that, he was all in!

First bite, nice and clean...

But it was over from there...

What a fun way to eat birthday cake!
You were great Ethan, and handsome too!

After we ate cake, Ethan was stripped down and ready for gifts...

See how I adore my baby boy!
 He may only marry a woman who:
1. Loves Jesus, and
2. Adores Ethan as much as I do!

Ethan was great at opening his gifts; with a little help of course!

All the gifts Ethan recieved were amazing!
We were given several new books, for which I am very grateful!
Ethan really likes to sit and look at books; it's so precious!

I have to give a special shout out to Ethan's new dog, Scout!
He sure does like this!

And now, my favorites:

Yes, Steve and Ethan are such such wonderful blessings!
But still, the biggest blessing of all is knowing Christ Jesus, my Lord.

Ephesians 1:3 NLT
"All praise to God, the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms because we are united with Christ."