family photo 2017 November

family photo 2017 November

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fall Fun update

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Well, fall is turning out to be very very fun with our little man-cub! Except for the spiders and bugs finding a way into our home because it's getting cold outside. :( Why did God make spiders anyway? sick!

Here is Ethan sitting in his bumbo watching me in the kitchen!

A close up of Mr. Full Lips!

Ethan showing off his feet! They look sooo big in this picture because they are closest to the camera! HA! Actually, he is saying "mom, get 'em."
Ethan saying "mom, get me out of this chair already."

"Seriously, get me out of here!"

Steve, Ethan, and I had family picture day (pictures to come), and then went to the orchard/pumpkin patch! Oh what fun!!!!

Ethan's new winter hat I made; with ear flaps this time!

I will be adding several more pictures to this same post soon; but for now, the orchard:
We saw the three little Pigs' homes!
You all know the story, this pig's home was sturdy and lasted!
We got to teach Ethan about what Jesus says about building on a good foundation from Matthew 7 and Luke 6. Thank you 3 little pigs! :)

Up close visiting mr. pig.

Inside, Mr. Pig let us get warm by the fire!

 And Ethan had his first piano lesson at Mr. Pig's house!
He learned all the fun that can be had when you build on a good foundation!

Then, we took Ethan back 100 years to a one room school house! Dad had fun with it too!

Sitting and learning!

So many more photos to come from the orchard:
coming soon....ANIMALS at the orchard!
Update on pictures from the orchard:
I have always wanted to milk a real cow, this might be as close as I come:

Ethan very much enjoying the corn pool (despite this first picture):

Daddy loves him! Such a cute face!

Throwing corn on Ethan!

Super action shot. Ethan looks interested!

The results of corn pool play! :)

Ethan, me, and the horses!
Ethan actually touched these goats, and it was fun!
The little Pig's straw no no!

Us visiting Mr. Pig's house of sticks...still not a good idea!
And finally, we posed for a picture!
We didn't actually kiss any pigs if you are wondering.
It truly was a fun day at the orchard!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Learning and growing

The doctors have said, "I don't think his eyes will be brown." Maybe they will be blue, like my mom or Steve's dad, or they may turn hazel. Steve has brown eyes and mine are yellow, light brown, or really green when I cry! Is that hazel?
Who knows, but his eyes look so beautiful here!

lying on the blanket grining!


Ethan has found his toes. He looked at them the other day like, "weird, what are those. are those mine?"
Now he is grabbing them! So fun and cute!
His right hand looks so funny here because he's moving it SOOO FAST! ha You should see him kick his legs!

silly boy

He always looks at me like this when I pull the camera out!
Ethan is just over 15 weeks old. He is talking up a storm. I am pretty sure he can say the word "hi."
It's so fun to see his lips move to different shapes to try and say words.
I think he may be starting to teethe; he sure is gumming a lot, and drooling a lot for that matter.
He loves to suck on his hands. He has a huge mouth and can practically fit his entire fist in his mouth.
He loves to giggle: when I have him in the moby wrap and do squats, he just giggles. I think it makes his tummy jump like a roller coaster does for us, or driving over a big bump.
When I blow on his tummy he doesn't know whether to cry or laugh. He looks scared after I do it, but then I laugh and he laughs too, but with red eyes and with tears in them. So cute and silly.
Growing up sure is fun!