family photo 2017 November

family photo 2017 November

Sunday, May 26, 2013

May 2013 fun!

May has gone all too fast!
Ethan is almost 2, next month, and our new arrival will be here in about 2 months!

Ethan has been helping me make cookies on several occasions.
I always let him lick the kitchen aid mixer thingy and he loves it.
He also likes to play in the sugar container while I mix the cookies!

Eating lunch after Ethan and Dad played with the hose outside!

Lunch in a fun!

At the end of April we got rid of Ethan's pacifier. He cut it with scissors and threw it away.
He did great adjusting to life/bedtime without it. He actually became even better behaved than he already was and seemed even more pleasant. It hasn't been a problem at all without it!
We sometimes will ask him, "what happened to your pacifier?" He will grin and say, "I cut it, with scissors."

This month we bought Ethan a new bed for $10.

He really likes it!

Trying it out....

Later that night sleeping soundly!
Ethan got sick and was teething a couple of days after this. He has never dealt very well with teething, which often results in him throwing himself around because of the pain.
Therefore, we set his crib back up so he could at least be contained and not fall out of bed.
He is now, again, sleeping in his crib with the front panel off. 
We plan to transition him back to this bed when he is well again.
He's had 9 days of fevers in the last 2 weeks, coughing, and a runny nose. Some teething also....darn 2 year molars. 
When he get's back into this bed, we will set up the crib in the new baby's room!

Mother's Day morning! Hanging out with my little man!
He was so sweet and wore these glasses around the house for about 45 minutes continually.

He would stand here and run at me...

About to tackle me....

 He sat and read his bible, wearing his/Steve's sunglasses, while I too sat and read my bible for about 40 minutes.

I love talking to Ethan about the bible.
He always asks where the cross is, and asks about Jesus.
We ask, "who died on the cross?" Ethan answers, "Jesus," in a cute, sweet little boy voice.
I wish I could post some video's of this, because it is so precious!
He also has been jumping a lot, which is very cute and wish I had a video for as well! I do have a video, but am unable to post it. Sad.

He is growing up so fast and we delight in him very very much!

76 DAYS LEFT until his little brother arrives!

 We love you Ethan Riley!

"I reach out for your commands, which I love, that I may meditate on your decrees."
Psalm 119:48 NIV