family photo 2017 November

family photo 2017 November

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Adore Jesus!

Boy, time keeps going faster and faster. How do I even catch up on nearly 3 months of our lives!?

Why haven't I posted? Because WE ARE HAVING ANOTHER BABY! And I've been, the normal for me, sick sick sick and nonfunctional! I'm feeling better now though. Not great but way better!

I am about 18 weeks along now, and we'll find out what we're having in a couple of weeks. Yay for this blessing! Praise God!

Here are my boys playing up a storm!

Best buds!

The boys had a wilderness day with their dad, which they just loved!

Diaper change!

Ethan just thrives outside! He's so happy in this picture!

The Lord was so kind to me and gave me a "healthy" day and my whole family was able to enjoy our annual trip to the orchard/pumpkin farm! It was a fun filled day!

Ethan rocked his 2nd visit to the dentist! Steve took him and said Ethan was singing worship songs the whole time! Good job Ethan!

In October we celebrated Steve's 29th birthday at Famous Dave's restaurant. The boys were naturals with the BBQ.

My first nephew was born November 7th! Baby Lane!

Sam moved up in the world and now is forward facing in the van! And loves it!

Sam and I spent some time together, just the two of us, and went for a wintery bundled up walk!

Ethan and my date to Panera! He enjoyed the cookie! 

The boys, myself, and a friend made Oreo turkeys together on thanksgiving day. This was a trial run the day before, it's not quite complete here though.

More thanksgiving week activities included making turkey hats with 'thankful for...' feathers.

Sam does about everything Ethan does! Ethan was reading a book on his bed and then Sam went and found a book from the living room and sat right next to Ethan! Precious friends!

Just some more recent cuteness!!!


And oh so sweet!

Fun times on a walk through the neighborhood with a toy gun...that looks sorta real....    :/

This was a great way for our kids to bake our neighbors Christmas treats...Ethan was super helpful!

This Christmas season has been wonderful as Steve and I have been reading an Advent devotional by John Piper called Good News of Great Joy. It really is fulfilling in my life its intent to cause its readers to adore Jesus this Christmas season. To Build excitement and anticipation in our home and in our children for Christ during Christmas. 

What a wonderful reality to embrace:
That God became man, was born for a purpose, was born for Good Friday, was born to reconcile us to God, to die for our sin problem, and to rise again so we can have a life filled with the joy, excitement, and anticipation year round that we will spend an eternity WITH God.

Wow, how beautiful is Christmas time, and we can truly adore Jesus like the Father does; lifting Him high both now and forever.

Very Merry Christ-filled Christmas to you!
Adore Him!